Cédric Dasesson

The Basics

Name: Cédric Dasesson (@cedricdasesson)

Age: 30

Residence: Cagliari, Italy

Occupation: photographer, student of Architecture

Camera setup: Canon 50d, Yashica FX-3 2000 (28mm 2.8 Yashica, 50 mm 1.7 Yaschica, 17-85 3,5-5.6 Canon, PC Nikkor 28 mm 3,5) 

What is you favorite subject to shoot? I have a preference for the sea. The study process and how it changes.
Who are your biggest influences? My inspirations are not directly from photography, but from land art and photography of architecture. Study a concept and create a documentation made by a few clicks, but in a geometric way to locate the material. More specifically - Richard Long, Richard Serra, James Turrell, and Cornelia Parker.