Joe Kinder

The Basics

Name: Joe Kinder

Residence: Berkeley, CA

Hometown:  Bedford, New Hampshire

Discipline: Sport Climbing

How did you get into climbing? Basically I needed something to keep me out of trouble and on a good path. HAHA! I discovered climbing on a family vacation in Colorado. By the time I turned 15 I was hanging out with the local climber boys in my area (Manchester, New Hampshire) and was learning how the climbing world worked. I got obsessed pretty quickly and completely immersed myself in it. I remember reading books, renting VHS's from the climbing shop and staring at magazines for hours. All I can say is... climbing definitely put me on a healthier path and I am grateful for that.

Proudest send? I have many, but I would say my recent first ascent of Bone Tomahawk (9a? 9a+) in Southern Utah. That thing tested me for a long time. I tried it on and off for years and decided to focus on it last October to follow through to try and finish it. Thanks to Lindsey for the support... I climbed it.

Current Projects? My current project is to heal my finger. I'm on the bench right now.

What's the most important lesson you've learned through climbing? Patience. That's surely one of them.

Who are your climbing heroes? Dani Andrada the famous Spanish climber is surely my #1 hero. I am attracted and inspired by his lifestyle and endless energy for climbing. He HAS to be the most passionate and stoked climber on the planet and I love the purity of it. He isn't a brand on social media, he doesn't play some fake role or facade... he is a climber and nothing but. I dig that.

Hard climbing and channeling energy is best done with a consistency and Lindsey and I offer that to each other.

Most memorable climbing trip? I would say my first climbing trip ever. It was with my best friend Tim Kemple and we took a Volvo station wagon from NH out west. We climbed at so many spots, camped, dealt with each other, the road, the conditions and throughout the whole trip I felt an awesome sensation. It was something I will never forget. It was utter freedom.

What's it like to be dating your climbing partner? It's huge for me personally as Lindsey gives me a LOT of support. We know each other's modes and styles and in a way that allows us to exaggerate them. For instance, when it's an emotional day it can be more-so because we are so comfortable together. This is ok, but not the same way I would be with just anyone. Hard climbing and channeling energy is best done with a consistency and Lindsey and I offer that to each other.

Where is somewhere you haven't climbed that you'd like to? The Verdon Gorge, France. And yeah... GOING THIS SEPTEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Describe the best and worst parts of living out of a van? Good Question. Worst are dancing around each other when you are both trying to do things, our dog's hair, the lack of showering, leveling it to sleep, sometimes it just feels cramped. Other than that its AMAZING!!!!!! We are super proud of our van and love it. It's 4x4 and we take it to some pretty gnarly places. It offers utter freedom and comfort while we are out climbing. It really is exciting to use, but like anything the luster can fade when you are in it a massive amount.

If you weren't climbers what do you think you'd be doing? Aw man... maybe something more art oriented?  Perhaps a criminal?!?! Jeez...  Good question... I like our life and love how Lindsey and I share it the way we do.