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Itch-free Australian merino wool
& organic cotton blend.

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8 products

Why Wool?

Wool has natural anti-microbial and temperature regulation properties, making it a staple in the outdoor and blanket industries, but we felt it was long overdue for a softer upgrade. We created the Merino SoftWool Blanket™ to be the coziest wool blend blanket out there.

The Softest Wool In The World

We married 50% responsibly-sourced Australian Merino Wool and 50% organic cotton to create a wool blend blanket softer than you've ever felt before.


In three sizes and four colors, there's a wool blend blanket for every occasion. Our Merino SoftWool Blankets™ come in a throw size for your couch and queen or king sizes for your bed, meaning you can upgrade your cozy experience wherever you decide to relax.

Made For The Indoors

Whether you’re heading to the cabin for the weekend or hunkering down on the couch for a Netflix binge, it’s not enough to simply stay warm; you need to stay cozy. Our wool blend blankets are impossibly soft, giving you a bear hug that’s as warm as it is comforting.