What is Climate Neutral?

Climate Neutral is a non-profit organization that aims to set the bar for corporate climate action. The Climate Neutral Certified label empowers consumers to consciously support companies that measure their entire carbon footprint, offset it in its entirety, and implement strategies to reduce it moving forward. As of April 2020, Rumpl is Climate Neutral Certified, and you will begin seeing the Climate Neutral label on our products later this year.

Why We’re Doing it

Quite simply, because we think it is important. We believe that we are in the middle of a climate crisis, and everyone, brands included, needs to take action. It is also a way to hold ourselves accountable. We want to understand the impact our business and products are having on the planet, and we want to do what we can to reduce that impact.

We also believe that the Climate Neutral label empowers consumers to choose brands that align with their values and offset their emissions. We see this as a tool for consumers to evaluate their purchases and make informed decisions.  

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How We’re Doing It

To be a part of Climate Neutral, brands have to measure, reduce and offset their carbon footprint. We began the process with our 2019 footprint, and we are committed to completing this process for every year moving forward.


In order to measure our footprint, we had to compile a lot of information. How many yards of material did we use to make blankets and other products? What are those materials made out of? How did we ship those products from our factory? How many flights did the entire staff take over the course of a year? And a LOT more information about how we make our products and do business that we won't bore you with here. What you do need to know is that it was a very detailed process, and we're confident that we fully accounted for our Scopes 1, 2 & 3 emissions.


Each member brand needs to submit a reduction plan on how they plan to reduce their carbon footprint. And while we’re calling out these three specific areas for reduction, we are hoping that we’ll reduce our carbon footprint in lots of ways.

  • Rumpl will reduce its per employee energy usage by 15% in 2020. We established a “Green Team” at Rumpl who are tasked with monthly employee education and identifying ways we can reduce energy consumption at the office. Even though we’re not using our HQ regularly right now, we’ve already implemented some changes (like motion detector light switches), which will help us reduce our energy usage at the office.
  • 99% of the materials Rumpl uses in its products will be post-consumer recycled or made from natural organic fibers by the end of 2023. In 2019 we began incorporating PCR materials into our products, and we intend to expand the use of recycled and organic materials across our product line. This will take time, but we are committed to making that change.
  • Replace polyester mailers with a recycled cardboard solution that can be curbside recycled in most US municipalities by the end of 2020. We’ve already made a lot of progress on this, and we’re excited to roll out new mailers in the coming months.


Since we’re new to the offset game, we decided to pool our resources and purchase with a number of other Climate Neutral brands. Specifically, those offsets will support forestry and landfill mitigation projects. As we learn more about the projects themselves, we will share more on our blog.

If you want to learn more about Climate Neutral, scopes 1, 2, & 3 emissions, or want to encourage a brand you love to get certified, check out ClimateNeutral.org.

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