Rumpl x After Always Apparel


Zack Theony AKA After Always Apparel

Portland, Oregon

Sustainable Fashion Designer

In honor of National Park Week, we've teamed up with Zack Thoeny, AKA After Always Apparel, to launch an exclusive upcycled collection. Three one-of-a-kind pieces using Rumpl blankets and towels are available to bid on now, with all proceeds donated to Thread Together, an organization working to save new clothing from landfills by getting them in the hands of people in need.


Zack Thoeny, AKA After Always Apparel is a sustainable fashion designer, artist and upcycler boasting over 1M loyal followers across his social channels. Zack first became obsessed with upcycling 3 years ago, and with a knack for learning new skills and talents, he quickly turned his obsession into a business and a loyal community.

We chatted with Zack to learn more about his inspirations and his passion for turning thrifted trash into upcycled treasures.


What/who inspires the art you create?


I try very hard to keep my pieces as practical as possible when creating. I tend to stay away from crazy weird designs and I just keep it simple! I envision myself weeks from now thinking, “will I still be wearing this” as I want my pieces to last and to be used more than once. That idea of lasting pieces, and practicality comes from nature in my eyes. Growing up hiking, camping, and exploring I came to understand that having the right clothes, or shoes is paramount. With that idea in mind I really try to have my pockets big enough, pants warm enough, etc.

What's your favorite piece you've worked on so far? Pride and joy piece?


My favorite piece that I’ve worked on has to be the compact-able duffel bag! There is not one misplaced seam, or color, in my eyes! It’s by far the most aesthetically pleasing piece I think I’ve ever made, and it’s extremely practical. You can use it as a duffel, pull the straps and use it on your back, or stuff it away and hang it off a backpack for later use!

What about Rumpl got you excited to work with us?

I was excited to work with Rumpl for a few reasons. Firstly, this outdoor positive attitude aligns greatly with my personal life. They encourage everyone to be outside and I adore exploring nature, always have. Secondly, my brand represents sustainability and Rumpl does too! Their products aren’t only well constructed, but are also amazing sustainable! Thirdly, in working with them, I’ve come to understand how I’d like to see my business grow. They are very professional and consistent, yet also personable and honest.

" That idea of lasting pieces, and practicality comes from nature in my eyes. Growing up hiking, camping, and exploring I came to understand that having the right clothes, or shoes is paramount."

Zack holding folded up clothing

Tell us a bit about the planning and execution process. How do you determine what you'll make? How do you get in the flow to start creating?


The sewing process is a very interesting one for me. I say interesting because it’s truly all over the place. Sometimes I know exactly what I want to make from a blanket, and other times I’m stumped for hours and have to wait for ideas. Usually I will lay my blankets out on the floor and stare them down for an hour or so. As I’m looking at the shape, color, and texture of each blanket I’m brainstorming what the blanket wants to be! Once I have a loose understanding in my head as to what I’ll be making, I throw on some music, and start cutting. Weirdly, I very rarely sketch things out. I usually just dive head first into a piece, not too sure why.

After Always Apparel fashion show

What is one goal you have for yourself this year?

This years goal, is to hopefully be invited to a fashion show like New York Fashion Week, or to a show outside the United States! Other than that, this was my yearly goal. I really wanted a chance to give back and hold a charity style event like this one!

Best piece of advice you've been given?

“Wander More. Worry Less.”


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