On a surf and ski trip through California in 2013, our founders were sleeping in their car, several miles up a dirt road near a secret hot spring. They awoke the next morning in subzero temperatures with a car that wouldn’t start. Far outside of cell reception, and confronted with an impossibly long walk into town, they decided to bundle up in their sleeping bags and drink whiskey while they waited for someone else to show up.

Minutes turned to hours, and in that time the conversation took an unexpected turn to the subject of bedding. Cozy and warm in their sleeping bags, the two acknowledged how much better the materials felt and performed than what was on their beds back home. A resolve was made to create a “sleeping bag blanket” and the idea for the original Rumpl blanket was conceived.

After several months using their homemade blankets, the two both realized that they had stumbled onto an idea much grander than just a sleeping bag blanket.

The entire home industry was dated— new material technology wasn’t being utilized, and there were no cool brands to speak of. Most importantly, the idea of “home” was rapidly expanding, and traditional home products had not adapted.

The goal became clear; develop a category of products called Active Homewear™, in which everyday home products are reimagined using performance materials commonly found in outdoor gear and activewear.

The Rumpl brand was born.