Warranty & Returns


At Rumpl, we believe our customers deserve a great product and an exceptional customer experience. We will do everything we can to ensure you are satisfied and any return or exchange is processed quickly. 

  • If you purchased your blanket from someone other than Rumpl.com, you need to initiate a return with that company. Contact us if you have any questions at info@rumpl.com.
  • Rumpl does not pay for shipping on international returns, exchanges or replacements.



You can pretty much return anything within reason. Here are some examples of returns we will gladly process and others that we cannot, we simply need to draw the line somewhere. We understand that stuff happens, but we do stand by our products and our policies!   


  • I hate it
  • It showed up damaged
  • It was a gift and I don't want it
  • I changed my mind after opening it


  • I slept in it for a weekend and I don't feel like keeping it 
  • My BFF's dog threw up on it
  • I lost it somewhere
  • I got too close to the campfire and it caught fire



We don't want you to be stuck with a Rumpl you aren't totally crazy about, because we have one that you will be. We will not exchange items that don't fall under our warranty, have been used, or abused! Your judgment is crucial to our success! Here are some common reasons we will accept exchanges:

  • I hate the color
  • It arrived damaged
  • I need a different size
  • It was a gift and I want a different style/size

When can I return it?

You are allowed to return at Rumpl at any time as long as its for a valid reason or manufacturer defect.

How do I return or exchange something?

You can click the "Submit a Request" to begin the process, visit our help center, or you contact us at info@rumpl.com.

How long does it take until I get my refund?

You should receive any request for a refund within two weeks of submission. If you have questions about the return process or want to check on your refund, please contract customer service and we will help you out!


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