Adventure & Cozy Vol 10

Adventure & Cozy Vol 10

Adventure & Cozy

A weekly blog by Rumpl dedicated to all things Adventure & Cozy! We include stories from around the world, epic photos, timely memes, buzzin’ playlists, and of course –– the cool things Rumpl customers share with us! Have something you want to share? Let us know.


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Cozy up in your National Parks Blanket and tune into Netflix's Original Docu-series, Our Great National Parks. Coming April 13th, this series is narrated by Barack Obama and takes a closer look at the most incredible wild spaces in the world. Watch the trailer.

Adventure rating: 󠅓 🐘🦒🐆🦓🦘🦛🦍🦣
Cozy rating: 🍿🎞🎥🎬

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Last week, we asked for your favorite podcasts and it turns out a lot of you love True Crime. Here are some binge-worthy True Crime shows to get you through your next road trip.

  • Crime Junkie - The ultimate podcast for the True Crime junkie.
  • Small Town Murder - Two comedians look at a small town, what makes it tick, and a murder that took place there. Get ready to laugh and maybe cry?
  • National Park After Dark - National Parks have histories including epic survivals, inspiring humans and serve as physical reminders of the importance of protecting the planet.
  • Park Predators - Sometimes the most beautiful places hide the darkest secrets.
  • Serial Killer - A podcast dedicated to understanding who the serial killers were, what they did, and how.

Adventure rating: 󠅓🗡❌🏞🚓
Cozy rating: 🎧🎙

Illustration of Pot

Put the soups away and add some pep to your step with these Spring-inspired pasta dishes. Add in-season vegetables to your rotation with Pesto Pasta Gnocchi, Skillet Broccoli-Cheddar Mac & Cheese, Spinach & Artichoke Dip Pasta, and more. Get the recipes.

Pesto Gnocchi on A Plate With A Fork

Photo courtesy of Eating Well.

Adventure rating: 󠅓🥦🥔🥬
Cozy rating: 🍽🍝🍝

Illustration of Camera

Snakes...on a blanket?
Photo courtesy of Facebook group member Say M.

Adventure rating: 󠅓🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍
Cozy rating: 🛌

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