Adventure & Cozy Vol 13

Adventure & Cozy Vol 13

Welcome to our spookiest blog yet— Volume 013 on Friday the 13th. Tune in below (at your own risk) for the scariest movies, podcasts, and haunted vacation rentals. Need to clear your head afterwards? Check out these adorable pet videos, or as Reddit members call them, ‘Eye Bleach’.

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National Parks After Dark

Do you love National Parks? Dive into the tales of death, dark history, mystery and tragic events that have occurred within the boundaries of National Parks.

NoSleep Podcast

The NoSleep Podcast is a collection of original (fictional) horror stories. What started as a subreddit is now a multi-award winning show.

Adventure rating: 󠅓🏔🌲🥾🚗🚫💤
Cozy rating: 🎧

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Since we’re all about adventure here, check out these 20 films that take your classic horror movie and combine it with the great outdoors.

Backcountry (2014)

Adventure rating: 󠅓🌲🥾
Cozy rating: 🎥🍿

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Want to experience paranormal accommodations first hand? Here are 14 of the top haunted vacation rentals from around the world.

Shamrock House in Sunset, South Carolina

Adventure rating: 󠅓🏠🚪🌲
Cozy rating: 🛌🛌

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