Just because you need to stay at home, doesn’t mean camping season is canceled. The backyard is the perfect space to bring the gear out of storage, remind yourself how to pitch a tent, and have a little family (or alone) time outside. And while we’re hopeful that 2020 will deliver plenty of camping opportunities, for now, let’s keep it close to home. Here are some of our favorite backyard camping ideas.

Family camping in their backyard while on a Rumpl blanket
Cooking jiffy pop at a backyard campout over a solo stove with a rumpl blanket

1. Get Ready for Camping Season

You know the motto, “always be prepared.” What better time to put your scout’s training to use and get ready for camping season? First, grab all of your gear from your basement, garage, or wherever you store your stuff. Set-up your tent to air it out and make sure you’re not missing any poles or pieces. Lay out your Rumpl Stash Mat or Original Puffy so you can take inventory of what you have and what needs to be cleaned. Once everything is looking spiffy, you can use your Shammy Towel to wipe away any excess dirt or moisture and voila! Just like that, you’ve earned your camping preparedness badge.

2. In-Tent Movie Showing

Make a movie den in the backyard by setting up your tent and stocking it with your favorite camping blankets and snacks. Use an iPad or laptop as your screen and stream an old favorite or watch something new. You may never go back to watching movies inside again!

Watching a movie on your laptop in your backyard with a Rumpl blanket
Stargazing the midnight sky while sitting on a rumpl blanket

3. Stargazing

Take your time to bask in the grand mystery of the universe while enjoying Earth’s cozy comforts. Relax on your Down Puffy while identifying constellations, or ponder the very meaning of existence from your NanoLoft® Puffy. We can’t tell you if that’s the Big Dipper or if there’s life on Mars, but we can promise you’ll be cozy.

4. Enjoy Your Morning Coffee Al Fresco

Remember the feeling of that first sip of coffee outside your tent on a crisp morning? Recreate it by wrapping yourself in a cozy Rumpl and sitting on the porch with a fresh cup.

A couple sitting on the porch of their cabin drinking coffee wrapped in Rumpl blankets
Family watching a movie on their projector while backyard camping with their Rumpl blanket

5. Show A Backyard Movie with Projector

Create your own cinema under the stars! All you need is a projector, some Rumpl blankets, and your favorite snacks. Set-up the projector and wrap up in your go-to blanket so you can stay cozy from start to finish without stepping foot inside. Have any other backyard camping ideas of your own? Share them in the comments below or on Instagram by tagging @gorumpl!