A couple of weeks ago, we asked you to tell us who in your life was going above and beyond to help their communities in the wake of the pandemic. As part of our Give Back, Give Cozy campaign, we planned to send a select number of these nominees a Rumpl with the hopes that they could enjoy some well-deserved comfort. We expected to receive a few dozen nominations. We received over 150!

Nominations included incredible stories of healthcare workers, delivery drivers, grocery store employees, and countless others. Whether working on the front lines or providing essential goods and services, we were inspired by the bravery and generosity of all the nominees. While we couldn’t send blankets to everyone, we are so happy we were able to send blankets to a selection of individuals who are making a difference in their local communities. Here are just a few of the nominations that resonated with us.

Iris - Teacher

“Iris is extraordinary in every way, and during the current pandemic, she is working non-stop to provide each of her special education elementary school students with food, support, medical care & the attention they each need to thrive during this pandemic. Iris calls them every single day. She has 42 students! She encourages them, arranges for meal deliveries, sends "activity packets" that she painstakingly puts together, which always includes personal notes and funny stories to keep stimulating their minds. She works as long as it takes each day and into the night until she is satisfied that EACH child is okay.”

Robert - Truck Driver

“He’s a truck driver - normally over the road (i.e. long haul) for Schneider. He’s been redeployed to help supply Target stores - making runs from distribution centers to the stores in order to keep them supplied with essentials that are in such short supply. Today he’s headed for a distribution center in NY state even though our home state of MD has a mandatory quarantine order in place for anyone coming back from the NY/NJ/CT tri-state area. If he wants to keep serving his fellow Americans, he literally can’t come home now. But he didn’t hesitate to agree to help the critical supply chain in our hardest-hit state.”

Sachal - Physician

“He is a lung doctor during a pandemic that attacks the lungs. He’s seeing patients who test positive and is helping them in any and every way he can. He’s on the phone taking calls all night when he is home, and getting groceries for his elderly patients who can’t shop for themselves. Oh, he is completely self-quarantined himself at home to protect the family. He feels completely fine but is taking all precautions, so it doesn’t spread to the rest of the household. We celebrated his birthday through FaceTime from different rooms. I see him as a real-life superman.”

Sue - Regional Director/PA-C

“Sue has shown exemplary leadership at a time of uncertainty. She is working on the front lines of the COVID pandemic while also securing PPE for an entire region of ER PAs out of her own pocket. She checks in to make sure staff is safe, while also working in the front lines herself. She demonstrates the very best of human and leadership qualities in an uncertain and overwhelming time.”

Jason - Nurse

“He’s a nurse on the front line, and he’s working it hard. Very little time off with his wife (who recently lost her job and is now spending that time sewing masks for her husband's team/hospital). They set up a campsite in their living room to help him relax the few hours he gets to be home. And they camp all the time when we aren’t locked down. He’s also the nicest person I know - positive and uplifting at all times."

Kari - Grocery Store Manager

Kari works very hard and continues to do so through this pandemic. She has managed to balance her schedule so that she can spend more time with her two kids who are continuing education at home, while also managing the social distancing issues at the store and the delays in shipments. She is also doing all the grocery shopping for her parents, who live nearby. Like many on the front lines, I’ve no doubt the fear of taking the virus home, or to her parents, is always there. I admire her strength and her ability to keep a sense of humor, calm, and purpose through this tough time. Thank you, Kari!”

Natalie - Physician

“My wife chose emergency medicine out of a desire to be prepared for any situation and to be able to help others during some of their most vulnerable times. Her commitment to this mission during this crisis has never been clearer. She and her team have no choice but to put themselves on the front lines in a challenging environment. They put their own health and their families' health on the line every single day to provide patients with the best care possible. At the same time, the weight of these choices weighs heavily on their minds and shoulders. Like many others, I have such respect and admiration.“

Thank you to everyone who wrote in and was nominated. We’re fortunate to live amongst so many compassionate people. If someone in your life deserves a little extra comfort, consider sending them a Rumpl, and thank you for your support!

Stay safe; Stay cozy!