Crossing Baja

Crossing Baja


Our trucks were packed to the brim with camping gear, swim suits, and zero expectations. This was a search for waves, secluded beach camps, and the tastiest fish tacos. The open road was our new adventure companion. We were Baja bound.

The spontaneity of travel is beautiful, it humbles us. Not knowing where the dusty dirt roads will take us gives us freedom. We created purposeful distance from our lives back home letting the sun and desert breeze take us away. Along our way down the east coast of Baja, we caught wind of a local hot springs. We were told if you time the tides right, the cool ocean water tames the scalding water and creates the perfect soak. Our timing was perfect. We shared stories and laughed with some locals as we soaked in the salty and warm natural tub.

Each day, we collected more dust in our hair as the sun kissed our skin and the growing breeze threw around the dirt. Life was simple and carefree in Baja. We mostly cooked over an open fire, and watched the stars propagate through the night sky. The wind rocked us to sleep every night. We felt like the only people along the coast of Highway 5. It was surreal. We had only a few interactions with locals, including one generous fisherman who gifted us four freshly caught fish. We insisted on paying him, but he refused, so we made a trade and he walked away with a few of our cold beers. Baja gave us space to breathe. Our wind-tossed hair, sun-drenched skin and gritty teeth, taught us to revel in moments gifted by our time on the road. The moments that give us the liberty to explore this incredible Earth and to be alive. We came back from this trip with wide open hearts and clear minds.

"We felt like the only people along the coast of Highway 5."


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