Meet RAD Artist John Vogl

Meet RAD Artist John Vogl


John Vogl

Minneapolis, MN

Mixed Media Artist

We teamed up with legendary bike component manufacturer SRAM, and John Vogl, a Minneapolis-based artist with a mix of digital and traditional mediums, to bring this vibrant blanket to life. John sat down with us to chat about what drives his art.

Where are you from and what type of art do you make?

I’m a freelance artist based in Minneapolis, my work is a mix of traditional and digital mediums.


Are there any themes you incorporate into your illustrations?
My aim is always to capture a particular mood or emotion that feels right. I tend to find my way there with lots of natural elements in limited but very considered color palettes.

John Vogl At Work Desk Painting

What was your inspiration behind the color palette and shapes for your Rumpl print?

I started with the red in SRAM’s branding, I wanted that to be prominent since I wasn’t going to be depicting anything bike-specific in the imagery. From there I wanted to make a palette and pattern that felt natural, warm, and of the boldest little bits that might catch your eye on a trail.


What do you like most about this piece?
It was very fun to create something so large and on fabric. Since it’s not a repeating pattern, I had to consider composition and balance and how it might look in different uses. I wanted it to look just as good sprawled out on a beach as it does rumpled in a pile.

"I’m driven by my own adventures out in the world, my own story, and my own struggles."

Wooden Tray Holding Glass Jars Filled With Pencils

What motivates you to create?
It’s what I’ve always enjoyed the most. It’s how I find the most satisfaction and fulfillment in my life. I don’t consider myself a great communicator, and I can share so much more through my work and actions.

You use many florals in your pieces - what draws you to illustrating them? When did you start illustrating with florals?
I’ve always drawn flora and fauna in my work in some fashion, they’re an accessible and relatable form of inspiration. I think lately they’ve provided me an avenue to play with composition and palettes. There’s not really a wrong way to draw florals, they can range from very geometric and tight, to very organic and loose.

John Vogl Illustrating on iPad

Tell us about your passions and how they transfer to your pieces.

I think my passions are to always be doing or making something. Lately that’s been channeled into projects on my little house. I’m a homebody/nester and I approach my surroundings like I do my work. I’m usually tinkering, changing, reworking something till it feels right.

Is there a specific environment or material that is integral to your work?

I approach projects differently depending on what the asks are and what it ultimately is intended to be. But it always starts as little blobs of color.

Learn more about John's work here.

Follow him at @notjohnvogl

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