Rumpl Beach Blankets

Rumpl Beach Blankets

Stay Off The Hot Sand

There’s nothing like getting to the beach and sitting down on the hot sand. You don’t want to get your towel sandy because you want to dry off with it later. Our Everywhere Mat is the perfect beach blanket that keeps you off the hot sand. At a rocky beach? The waterproof and durable underside creates a great barrier on the Everywhere Mat beach blanket.

Person holding surfboard next to Rumpl Everywhere Mat

Everywhere Mat Mini- Newport Swell

Two people sitting on Rumpl Everywhere Mat with skateboard

Everywhere Mat- Deckstripe

Sand Proof Beach Blanket

Sand is everywhere at the beach and gets in everything! You don’t want sand sticking to your beach blanket and you definitely don’t want it sticking to your beach towel. The Everywhere Mat’s top features a DWR coating which repels water, spills, stains, and sand. Just give it a shake!

Person standing on Rumpl Everywhere Mat next to van and surfboard

Everywhere Mat- Retro Sunrise

Pearson wearing Rumpl blanket on beach

Original Puffy Blanket- Dawn Pixel Fade

Built to Withstand All Elements

Not all beaches are created equal. If you’re not soaking up the sun in 90 degree weather, you might be bundled up at the beach on the Oregon Coast. In that case, the beach blanket you need is actually the Original Puffy Blanket. Super cozy, weather resistant, sand proof, and packs into its own stuff sack. Don’t forget a Rumpl beach blanket on your next trip!

Three Women Sitting on Beach Wrapped In Original Puffy Blankets

Original Puffy Blanket - Venice Swell & Newport Swell


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