Embrace the Summer Solstice: Your Outdoor Guide to the Longest Day of the Year

The summer solstice is a magical time of year, marking the longest day and shortest night. It’s the perfect opportunity to embrace what the outdoors has to offer. Whether you're planning a beach day, a camping trip, or simply a picnic in the park, here's how to make the most of your Rumpl gear during the summer solstice.

1. Morning Coffee with the Original Puffy Blanket

Start your day off right with your coffee in hand and your Original Puffy Blanket around your shoulders. Have a hectic morning? Wear your blanket in adventure mode using the integrated Cape Clip®, so you can have your hands free to prepare for the day.

Pro Tip:
Once you're done with your morning coffee, toss your Original Puffy Blanket in your trunk, so you can be prepared for whatever the summer solstice unfolds.

2. Beach Bliss with the Everywhere Towel
Planning to hit the beach to soak up maximum daylight? Don’t forget your Everywhere Towel. Made from ultra-absorbent, quick-drying, and sand-resistant material, it’s perfect for drying off after a swim or lounging on the sand. The compact design means it won’t take up much space in your beach bag, and its vibrant patterns add a touch of style to your beach setup.

Pro Tip: These towels provide a cooling sensation on hot days once they have absorbed all the water off your body.


3. Park Picnics with the Everywhere Mat
The summer solstice is an ideal time for picnics. Spread an Everywhere Mat on the grass for a comfortable and colorful picnic spot. Its durable, water-resistant fabric ensures you stay dry even if the ground is damp (no one likes a soggy bottom). Plus, it’s easy to clean – shake off crumbs and dirt (remember to Leave No Trace) or toss it in the washing machine after a fun day out.

Pro Tip: Stake down your Everywhere Mat with the Original Puffy Blanket using the integrated corner loops for the ultimate chill session.


4. Cozy Campfires with the NanoLoft® Flame Blanket
As the sun sets on the summer solstice, temperatures can drop unexpectedly. Stay warm and cozy next to the fire with the NanoLoft® Flame, a fire, stain, and water-resistant blanket. Its lightweight, packable design makes it easy to carry, and its superior insulation ensures you stay comfortable when the evening chill sets in.

Pro Tip: Burning marshmallows have nothing on the NanoLoft® Flame Blanket, so you can eat those s'mores while they're hot. Don't believe us? Check out Rumpl vs. S'mores.


5. Sunset Chills with the Original Puffy Poncho
As you prepare to watch the sunset on the longest day of the year, stay comfortable with the Original Puffy Poncho. Before the sun sets, keep the poncho packed into its pocket to use as a pillow. Once the sun sets and the temperature drops, use it as a wearable blanket that offers hands-free warmth, perfect for enjoying the evening without being restricted.

Pro Tip: Learn how to pack your Original Puffy Poncho into a pillow here.


Celebrate the Summer Solstice in Style
Rumpl’s products are designed to enhance your outdoor experiences, making them perfect for celebrating the summer solstice. From beach days and picnics to camping and hiking, Rumpl gear has you covered. So, gather your friends and family, head outdoors, and make the most of the longest day of the year.

Happy Solstice!
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