New RAD Release: Moon Lines by Erik Abel


Erik Abel

Ashland, OR

Artist and Surfer

Driving greater impact through bigger partnerships. 


Our Rumpl Artist Division (R.A.D) program has long been our platform for showcasing upcoming and accomplished artists on our one-of-a-kind canvas.


In 2024, we’re taking things a step further - Partnering with creatives firmly established and deeply rooted in our outdoor community and connecting them to action by supporting environmental non-profits that help protect the places we explore.


It’s pretty obvious surfers love the ocean. And most agree that surfing is an artform, one of the most primitive and deeply spiritual forms of self expression. It’s safe to assume that if you support surfing, you gravitate towards products, organizations and artwork that help protect surfing environments.


We’re excited to release our second cause-based program of 2024 in collaboration with RAD Artist Erik Abel and Save the Waves Coalition.

Riding the Wave of Art and Advocacy: A Surfer's Journey with Save The Waves


From the sun-kissed shores of Ventura, California, to the crystal-clear waves of distant coastlines, the ocean has been more than just a playground for artist and surfer Erik Abel. It's been a canvas for his art, a sanctuary for his soul, and a platform for his advocacy. In this journey of waves and water, he found not just a passion but a purpose.


Surfing entered Erik's life like a revelation at the age of 10, through the Junior Lifeguards program. What started as playful adventures on the waves transformed into a lifelong love affair with surfing. One wave, one perfect moment, forever altered the course of his existence, steering him towards a life deeply intertwined with the rhythm of the ocean.


As his surfing prowess grew, so did his connection to the marine environment. This bond led him to collaborate with Save The Waves, an organization dedicated to preserving coastal ecosystems. What began with designing posters for their events blossomed into a profound partnership as Erik became Save The Waves' first Artist Ambassador. For him, it was a natural fit—a convergence of his passion for surfing and his commitment to environmental stewardship.

"What started as playful adventures on the waves transformed into a lifelong love affair with surfing."

  • Through projects like creating artwork for World Surfing Reserves, Erik found a medium to merge his artistic expression with his advocacy. Surfing, to him, is not just a sport but an art form, a communion with nature that inspires his creativity. The lines he draws on canvas echo the waves he rides, both capturing the beauty and fragility of the ocean.


    The collaboration between Erik Abel, Rumpl, and Save The Waves signifies more than just a merging of brands—it's a celebration of community and collective action. Environmental protection requires unity, a coalition of individuals and organizations rallying around a shared cause. By combining their strengths, they amplify their impact, spreading awareness and support for marine conservation.


    What excites Erik most about this project is the opportunity to expand his reach and influence. By aligning with Rumpl and Save The Waves, he not only amplifies his voice but also introduces his audience to causes and products he believes in. It's a symbiotic relationship, where each entity gains from the collective support of their community.

Rumpl x Erik Abel: the Moon Lines Original Puffy
Rumpl x Erik Abel: the Moon Lines Original Puffy
  • As Erik continues to ride the waves of art and advocacy, his journey serves as a reminder that our passions can propel us towards meaningful change. Through his art, he paints a picture of a world where the ocean is not just a playground but a precious resource worth protecting. And with each stroke of his brush and each crest of a wave, he inspires others to join him in the fight to save our waves.


Rumpl x Erik Abel x Save the Waves
Rumpl x Erik Abel x Save the Waves

We’re proud to be supporting The Save the Waves Coalition as part of this project. You can shop the limited edition print below, with a portion of the sales benefitting Save The Waves.  



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