Rumpl Launches The NASA Collection


PORTLAND, Ore. (June 15, 2020) – Today, Rumpl, the category leader in technical blankets, announces the launch of an exclusive capsule collection of NASA products. The limited-edition line of insulated blankets and ponchos are available in honor of the 50th anniversary of the safe landing of the Apollo 13 Lunar Module, one of history’s most triumphant space rescues. The collectible NASA designs are available in three signature Rumpl products—the NanoLoft® Puffy Blanket, Original Puffy Blanket and the NanoLoft® Puffy Poncho—and serve as a nod toward the inspiration of space exploration as well as the unbreakable human spirit.


“The NASA Collection celebrates humanity’s grit, adaptability and perseverance under extreme stress,” says Wylie Robinson, CEO and founder of Rumpl. “When Apollo 13’s Lunar Module crashed into the South Pacific Ocean 50 years ago, safely returning the three-man crew of astronauts, it became one of the greatest American rescue missions of all time. Today, in the midst of everything going on in the world, we must not forget that we can get through whatever challenges we face.”


The NASA collection is available across the Original Puffy Blanket (MSRP $199 USD), the NanoLoft® Puffy Blanket (MSRP $229 USD), and the NanoLoft® Puffy Poncho (MSRP $249 USD). The blankets and poncho feature spacesuit-inspired designs including a NASA logo patch, a replica NASA issued flag, a Tyvek® product label, and NASA RED matching trim and details. The blankets also come with a special stuff sack for extra packability. All products incorporate Rumpl’s authentic features like the blanket Cape Clip® and the poncho hidden pocket drink holder for hands-free mobility while on adventures or at home.


The NASA Collection lifts off on June 14.


For more information, please visit the launch pad.


About Rumpl: Based in Portland, Oregon, Rumpl makes Blankets for Everywhere. Utilizing material technologies commonly found in activewear and outdoor gear, Rumpl aims to modernize the everyday blanket. Rumpl’s high-quality, versatile blankets keep you comfortable no matter where you are. The materials have been tested and proven in harsh environments, yet specifically selected for comfort and durability. Rumpl believes the blanket you use every day deserves the same attention to detail as a sleeping bag you might use ten times a year. The end result is a premium and versatile blanket that can be used anywhere you go … or when you don’t go anywhere.